Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rambling 08 Artsy fatrsy

I think this is a good moment to share my hobby with you :)
I do crafts, (and draw too). I really love to create with my own hands and I actually start to get depressed if I haven't gotten a change to do anything in several days. It's a weekly thing, once or twice a week (or more if I have the chance) I wanna sit down and create something and express myself. I use fimo, which is like clay but doesn't dry that fast and is easier to handle. For whipcream stuff I use silicone. I make jewelry and miniature food for BJD's (ball jointed dolls), and commission what people ask me to do :)

Here are some:
Heart made out of silicone, so its flexible. I love this, its so pretty... 

Cookies. One of these went as a present for my good friend.

Cake meant for BJDolls.

Cute toffee earrings.

Chocolaty earrings, I'm quite fond of these, and very very satisfied on how they look.

Another cake for BJDolls.

This cake is meant for BJDolls. 

Piece of cake, these are fun to make, cos you can decorate every piece differently.This on is a phone strap.

I like to decorate stuff with whipcream and other stuff. Here is one of my decoden-mirrors.

Fake gauge earrings. I had been thinking these for a while and when I saw one in my friends ear, I thought that  "I could do that..."  and I did, haha :D 
More fake gauges.
Wing and rose earrings. I used a mold with these, but these were still quite challenging to make.

I will share more later on. Comments are welcome!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rambling 07 Bits and pieces

22nd of August 2011, at 10:30;
Angry Birds Rio updated more levels!! Yaaaaay!! I have no life!! Hurray!!!

20th of August 2011, at 14:22;
I pay a lot of attemtion to smells... I mean a lot. They wouldn't be so important if I didn't have such an emotional bond to surtain smells. Like right now, at the store, there were couple of smells that reminded me of my grandpa and my dad. First I smelled this old-person smell, just like my grandpa used to smell like, and right after that some man was wearing the same aftershave that my dad used to wear when I was a kid. They take me back to my past, specially to a place and time when I didn't know about the things that actually were wrong in my life.. Ahh the ignorant bliss of a child's mind. I want it back!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rambling 06 Britain calling

The "best" picture I got from the Big Ben
We are going to LONDON, baby!! *massive happy squee*  I still fear that we'll cancel the trip, cos for years we've made plans to do something and then it just didn't happen... Or something will go wrong OR we wont have enough money to do anything fun...
    I haven't been abroad in over 6-7 years! Tho when I was, it was in London. (I'm going to attach to this post some old photos from the last time we were in London.)But it was not a good trip. Really wasn't, I was somewhat dissapointed. First of all, just two days before we were supposed to fly, there was the London bomb-terrorist attack, so when we arrived, most of the subways/tubes were down. So moving was really difficult, slow and painfull. There was a massive heatwave, so there was like 40C which is like 104 degrees of heat... It was horrible. Specially when travelling in a bus for an hour just to get to the center of London, in a bus that didn't have any sort of airconditioning... Horrible. And to add to that, travelling with a person who doesn't really want to spend any money, buy anything, or go anywhere(fun). Me and my mom are very very different kind of travellers. She  is fine by just being there, taking a few pictures and seeing a couple of sights etc and thats it. Me, I want to buy everything! I want to go see everything!! And I want to take like a million pictures of everything!!So I was quite bored most of the time. We did tho see the London Aquarium, and couple of museums, and they were VERY nice. I want to definitely go again! But that was it.
The back of my head, by my mom :D
   This time I want the trip to be different. I want to buy tickets to places in advance, I want to plan our days etc etc. I want to go shopping, sight-seeing, the whole shebang!
      We already booked a hotel, and its right on the other side of the building where our previous hotel is, so the area is familiar to us already and we know where we are going. Except the hotel is MUCH nicer! The hotel we were in, the New Dawn hotel, was SOOOO friggin' crappy!! The room was so fucking small, the beds ware hard, and the "bathroom" was very small and hard to use. No airconditioning so with the heatwave it was like a sauna. And right under our window, almost every night there were other tourists drinking and making noise all through the night... The hotel staff was very unpleasant, and unhelpfull. I would not recommend that hotel to anyone! Specially cos the same area has like a 100 hotels inside a 500meters. New Dawn my ass....
    Now we're going to Royal Hyde Park, and I can't wait. Its not a luxury hotel, but its very nice, free internet, airconditioning, afordable etc. It just felt right. Now we need to find cheap flights... Its my this weeks asignement, hah.
Some awesome dinos in the natural history museum (if my memory serves me right)
My ever so awesome legs! And the most comfy sandals I've ever owned.
Pretty sculpture
The not so pretty (and 30 kilos lighter) me... Mom didn't get the whole whale that's behind me in the picture, like I wanted *snif*
Some ruins
Some weird random teletubbie
My favourite picture from the trip, too bad it's so small

The closest I got to the London eye

Monday, August 1, 2011

Side note 02 EmAiL

Made myself a gmail-account finally.
Feel free to mail me :D No spam tho, thanks x3

- Jackich